Prices and rules for carp fishing



It is NOT permitted to fish for trout, roach, perch, rudd, eel, bream, pike, or similar species. 
It is only PERMITTED to fish for carp with equipment that complies with LykkeSø’s rules. If the rules are not followed, you must leave the lake, and your money will not be refunded.
– All catches must be Catch & Release – 

– There is zero tolerance for any violation of the rules below.

*** Appropriate cradles, nets and weighing loops must be used when handling our carp ***

Disinfection of equipment
All equipment that comes into contact with the water must be disinfected in our Virkon S tub by the lake before starting fishing, no exceptions. It is free to borrow a cradle, weigh sling, and net at LykkeSø.


Online booking and payment must be completed before fishing begins.Payment can be made with MobilePay and credit card through our online booking page.

Price is for two fishing rods
– The fishing license is personal –

6 hours 150 kr.

12 hours 200 kr.

24 hours 250 kr.

+ Booking fee of 10 kr.

*Pr. extra pole 100 kr.
For example, 12 hours of fishing with three rods = Total price: 310 kr.
incl. booking fee.

Failure to comply with applicable rules will result in a fine of DKK 1,000 and you will be expelled from the area!

Carp may NOT be removed from the lake, this will be considered theft and will be reported to the police! Killing a fish will cost 1000kr/kg and you will be banned from the area

LykkeSø is monitored 24-7-365 by multiple surveillance cameras.

If you have further questions about the lake’s rules or similar, you are welcome to contact us directly by phone or email.
Prices and rules are updated on

Here you can see the overview map of the lake, where the numbered seats can be booked in our booking system.

NB! Lake sharing lines come into effect in case of disagreements between 2-3 people or a full booking.
Remember to respect each other at the lake and keep a good tone.