Welcome information

Disinfecting gear

Disinfecting your gear is done in our information center, as shown in the picture above. Disinfecting gear in Virkon S is not harmful to the gear.
Replace the tubs with water and Virkon S every 3-4 weeks.

The following equipment must be disinfected before fishing can begin:

  • Cradle, Carp nets, Road slings
  • The spool on your wheels, here you can simply remove the spool and dip it.
    *For the sake of good order, avoid dipping the entire wheel*
  • If you borrow cradles, nets and weighing loops from LykkeSø, they do not need to be disinfected.

If you have any questions about disinfection, please contact us directly.
Tel. 53633239

Particle sales

At LykkeSø we sell particles that can be handed out on arrival.
The particles are of course ready to use.

1 kg. Tigernuts = 50 kr.
1 kg. Hemp seeds = 50 kr.
1 kg. Feed corn = 40 kr.
1 kg. 8 mm. pellets = 75 kr.

Various different NASH tackles
30 kr. per piece (contains 1 rig per pack)

Bookings can be made on Tel/text: 53633239

LykkeSø is camera-monitored

The monitoring is to ensure against theft, vandalism and that the gear is disinfected before fishing.
Cameras with nightvision and motion sensors are installed:

All entrances to Lake LykkeSø
Information center
Lending area
Parking area
The gates around the lake

– There is zero tolerance for any violation of the rules below.

  • All your equipment that comes into contact with the water must be disinfected in Virkon S before fishing
  • All fishing must be done with min. 2lb bars (no exceptions)
  • Feeder fishing is allowed as long as all other requirements and regulations are met
  • Dap, river and zig fishing is not allowed
  • When catching, the use of Carpcare spray is encouraged
  • ALL fishing is Catch and release (carp must be released as soon as possible)
  • Tents may only be set up in the marked areas (see map)
  • It is only allowed to fish with one single hook per rod
  • The hook must be min/max size 8-2, and must be barbed loose or micro barbs
  • Mono/fluorocarbon main line must be a minimum of 0.35mm
  • Braided main line must be a minimum of 0.20mm
  • Use 1 meter of leader/leadcore for all types of fishing, the thickness depends on the material used, and a minimum of 0.50mm mono/fluorocarbon leader or 40Lb when using e.g. a mono/fluorocarbon leader. Cling on leader
  • Keep feedings to a maximum of 1.5 kg per day/per person. person
  • Boilies, Particles, Naturals, Pellets and Groundbait may be used
  • Particles MUST be pre-cooked
  • Appropriate nets must be used with a minimum mesh size of 42 inches, if using your own net, it must be disinfected in Virkon S before fishing
  • Under no circumstances should carp be lifted by the tail, gills or above knee height
  • Carp may ONLY be weighed in a weighing bag/weighing loop
  • Do NOT leave carp on the ground/grass
  • Sacking/storage of fish is NOT allowed, all fish must be released as soon as possible
  • Bait boats are allowed, remember to be considerate of others at the lake

Failure to comply with applicable rules will result in a fine of DKK 1,000 and you will be expelled from the area!

Carp may NOT be removed from the lake, this will be considered theft and will be reported to the police! Killing a fish will cost 1000kr/kg and you will be banned from the area